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Leatherite Photo Gallery

Want to be sure you are buying Leatherite? Look for this embossed logo to be sure it is authentic Leatherite coated webbing. 

Cattle Clobber out of Queensland make a range of custom made halters for all breeds. 
Even the young ones get decked out at Cattle Clobber.

Quality Tack from Mac Tack in Queensland, made from Leatherite strapping

Greyhound leads made by Elite Greyhound using Leatherite strapping

Mac Tack's innovative use of the cyan basket weave creating a truly unique dog collar.

The key to making a high quality industrial belt is to combine many years of experience in the industry and high quality raw materials. Buckaroo have been making high quality industrial belts for decades and use Leatherite strapping to ensure their belts are tough and durable in all conditions. 

From Golden Horse Saddlery, looking good in Cerise. 

Mac Tack have provided some pictures of their new offerings. The quality just jumps of the page at you! Very nice pieces. 

Mac Tack
The workmanship and effort that is apparent in these pieces is outstanding. Really unique pieces of art!

Coopers Collars produce high quality collars and leads in the full range of Leatherite colours, so you will always be able to find a colour to match your dog's personality or your outfit, whichever takes your fancy! 

Susan Falconer from Golden Horse Saddlery has produced this piece using our Smokey Shimmer strapping. The slight metallic look is great in the Australian sun. 

AU Products have built a reputation over many years for producing high quality Trotting products such as the piece pictured above. AU Product and Leatherite have a relationship that spans over thirty years!
Collars ll Puppy ll Dog
Kelly Country Halters use Leatherite strapping exclusively for their range of products, from dog collars to cattle gear. 
How cute is this little fellow! All decked out in gear from SS Sadllery in Queensland, Australia. 

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