Shimmer Range
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All that Shimmers!

The best thing about the Leatherite team may not be that we make world class synthetic leather strapping, it may be more about how much we enjoy being creative and innovative. The result of this culture is a continuous flow of exciting and creative new products for the market while still retaining the highest quality that Leatherite are renown for. The Shimmer Range is a direct result of this creative culture. Team members were invited to create their own colors using a unique blend to achieve the shimmering effect which makes the product so unique. We see this product as an opportunity for the younger pleasure or pony club riders (or young at heart) to add a truly individual look to their tack. Of course the benefits of low maintenance and easy to clean remain with this range, pleasing not only young riders but parents as well. 

We consider the Shimmer Range to be the first of our boutique products and limits may apply to the quantity of boutique products made in any given month. Orders will be produced in a first come, first serve basis. 

For enquiries please call or email us or alternatively you can message us on Facebook!