Leatherite Closing
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Yes it's true. After 45 years John and Betty have decided to retire, bringing to an end this Australian family owned manufacturing business. John and Betty have poured their heart and souls into Leatherite over the decades and our older customers will have enjoyed a long relationship with the owners who have been very hands on over the past decades. Leatherite have continued to develop and improve the products and processes from the early days of dip coated webbing to the more robust extrusion process that we use today. Continuous improvement has been at the forefront of Leatherite's success and has kept our quality ahead of the competition for the life of the company. 

We will be winding down production between now and the beginning of 2020 until we have enough stock to continue to distribute until June 2020. For this reason any specific and out of the ordinary products will need to be ordered before the end of this year to ensure supply.

John and Betty would like to take this opportunity to thank the large number of customers who have stuck with the Leatherite brand over the years. This industry is no different to any other with cheap imports both in the raw materials and finished products creating on going challenges for this business and the businesses of our customers. It has been very pleasing that such a number of customers and end users still appreciate the benefit of quality over cost and of supporting local jobs.