Apollo Strapping
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Apollo Strapping on horse :: Leatherite Apollo is Leatherite’s most popular synthetic leather strapping, being widely used in the equestrian industry for items such as:

  • horse reins,
  • stirrup straps,
  • halters,
  • girth straps,
  • horse rugs,
  • inside our hopple tube,
  • stitched into our browband backing 

Apollo strapping has an infinite number of other uses, limited only by the imagination. Our customers use Apollo strapping in dog collars and leads, foot straps for ski boards as well as other marine uses, various safety strapping applications and for a variety of fashion belts in a variety of widths and colours. 

Apollo synthetic leather strapping is strong, durable, low maintenance, low odour and easy to clean. I has a traditional leather look and is available in a wide range of traditional and fun new colours allowing for a diverse range of end products. You can have peace of mind using Leatherite Apollo strapping as our polymers are non-toxic and phthalate free.

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Apollo Strapping is hard wearing, able to withstand extreme weather elements and will last with little or no maintenance.


Available Lengths
Apollo 10mm
4 x 25mtr rolls or 500mtr reel
Apollo 13mm
50mtr roll or 500mtr reel
Apollo 16mm
50mtr roll or 450mtr reel
Apollo 19mm
50mtr roll or 400mtr reel
Apollo 22mm
50mtr roll or 350mtr reel
Apollo 25mm
50mtr roll or 350mtr reel
Apollo 32mm
50mtr roll or 250mtr reel
Apollo 38mm
50mtr roll or 200mtr reel
Apollo 44mm
50mtr roll
Apollo 50mm
50mtr roll
Apollo 63mm
50mtr roll

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