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Buckaroo and Leatherite

Buckaroo and Leatherite

Buckaroo belts with Leatherite stapping

Buckaroo Leatherworks is a family owned business, starting from humble beginings when Ken Van Der Water moved his young family to Australia in 1980. Continuing the business he started in South Africa, Ken worked out of a garden shed until moving into a small factory in Woolongong, New South Wales, in 1989. In 1992 the business name changed to Buckaroo and the focus of the business changed from low quantity orders of handbags, belts and wallets (being flooded at the time with cheap imports) to tradesman and miner's gear. This proved a stroke of genius, as the end users of the customisable Signature Back Support Tradesman Belt do not accept anything but the highest quality products, making them a great fit for the business philosophies at Buckaroo. 

Ken's daughter, Tanya Van Der Water, is now the business owner and Managing Director at Buckaroo and has been responsible for the company's continued growth and success. Tanya has stayed steadfast to keeping the Buckaroo product Australian made. "Everything is Australian made using locally produced materials, and we give genuine product guarantees: we're very genuine in how we do business and I give as local a customer service as I can". This level of customer service and feedback has allowed Tanya and her team to really understand the needs of their diverse customer base. "A scaffolder and a carpenter carry very different types of kit for example, so we'd offer the basic belt and the customer would then custom create it relevant to their trade". The carpenter may add the nail bag and a variety of tool frogs to suit their personal tool preferences. The entire range of belts and attachments can be seen on the Buckaroo website at www.buckarooleather.com.au

Buckaroo and Letherite 
The relationship between Buckaroo and Leatherite began as Buckaroo looked for a more robust material than natural leather. "There's a misconception that leather is always best, so we're constantly looking for better high performance materials". Leatherite strapping fitted the needs of the Buckaroo product perfectly with the extreme high wear characteristics and overall quality of the product. Of course, as with all the Leatherite range, we have continued to strive to improve the product that we supply to Buckaroo. "The guys at Leatherite have tirelessly undertaken product development and testing to even further meet our needs.  

Buckaroo now have around 600 resellers including many of the major hardware and trade chains, making them readily available. John Gray, owner and Managing Director of Leatherite is pictured left viewing the range available at the local Wyong GasWeld store. 

It is always refreshing to hear another Australian manufacturing success story, particularly when it is a brand determined to keep its manufacturing in Australia, using Australian made materials. 


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