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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

Waterproof webbing for bridles and reins

Chris Jury / 15 May 2018

Leatherite waterproof webbing comes in three product range.   ≫ read more

Fluorescent colors waterproof webbing for dog collar

Chris Jury / 15 May 2018

There are 3 coated webbing ranges manufactured by Leatherite with 30 colour options. Our durable Apollo waterproof webbing fluorescent colors are popular choice for making dog collars and leads.   ≫ read more

Color Samples

Chris Jury / 04 Apr 2018

We have a shipment heading to our new US distributor, 'Beta Tack Get Your Color On'. We are providing color samples for them to send to customers, so if you have seen the quality of our coated webbing and want to see the colors in person, contact Jessi through the website at http://www.betatackgetyourcoloron.net/ and reserve yours today!  ≫ read more

Waterproof Webbing made with Synthetic Leather Strapping

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Synthetic Leather Strapping made by Leatherite coated with high quality co-polymer blend that is flexible and durable.  ≫ read more

Glitter coated webbing

Chris Jury / 12 Mar 2018

We have been playing with a glitter product, and one of our customers have been playing with the results. Mac Tack has produced this wonderful headstall with a red glitter highlight. We are keen to know if this product is of interest to you!  ≫ read more

Dog Collars made with Bright and Colorful Apollo Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Feb 2018

Leatherite Coated Webbing is waterproof, cleanable, flexible and with great tensile strength. Coppers Collars using colorful Apollo Coated Webbing range and produced lovable dog collars for pet owners.  ≫ read more

Heavy Duty Waterproof Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 10 Feb 2018

Heavyweight 1" waterproof coated webbing across the entire 1" PN and 1" Brumby heavy range. New 25mm thick heavyweight Waterproof Coated Webbing increases the breaking strain to over 1,000 kg or 2,200 lbs.  ≫ read more

Soft and Flexible Brumby PVC Strapping Excellent for many applications

Chris Jury / 10 Feb 2018

Brumby PVC strapping with entirely new outer co-polymer blend. It is incredibly flexible, even in the coldest of conditions. This range of PVC strapping with wonderful softness in the hand makes Brumby PVC strapping very appealing in many applications. Brumby PVC strapping is available in black, white, navy and tan.  ≫ read more

Waterproof PVC Strapping for Equestrian Suppliers

Chris Jury / 10 Feb 2018

Waterproof PVC strapping manufactured by Leatherite used by equestrian suppliers to make horse tack, horse harness, horse bridle and reins. Leatherite Apollo waterproof PVC strapping is also used to make dog collar, dog harness and dog leashes.  ≫ read more

Easy to Maintain Synthetic Leather Horse Bridles and Reins

Chris Jury / 10 Feb 2018

Traditional material used for bridles and reins are made with leather. New easy to clean and to maintains material synthetic leather material compare to leather is more flexible, durable, and easy to clean.  ≫ read more