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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

Strapping Supplies of Rolls of Coated Webbing in Purple

Chris Jury / 16 May 2018

Leatherite offer wide ranges of coated webbings to the international market. 3 distinct product ranges available for order online via our web store.  ≫ read more

Silver Polymer Coated Polyester Webbing with Matching Keepers

Chris Jury / 15 Apr 2018

Leatherite silver color polymer coated Polyester Webbing available in Apollo range and can be purchased from our online store. Matching silver keepers available in bag of 250 and 1000 pieces.  ≫ read more

Choose Leather or Synthetic Bridles for Horses?

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Horse bridles consist of the headpiece, cheek pieces, throat lash, browband, noseband and reins. Bridle is the most important part that provides communication and control between horse and rider.   ≫ read more

Waterproof Webbing made with Synthetic Leather Strapping

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Synthetic Leather Strapping made by Leatherite coated with high quality co-polymer blend that is flexible and durable.  ≫ read more

Shop for Rolled Blue Synthetic Leather Strapping Online

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Buy Blue rolled Synthetic Leather Strapping. Leatherite rolled Synthetic Leather Strapping available across 2 product ranges, Apollo and PN Series.  ≫ read more