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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

PVC Strapping for Equestrian Supplies

Chris Jury / 15 Jul 2018

Leatherite 30m roll of Brumby webbing made from the highest quality materials resulting in a high tensile, Phthalate free, non-toxic, easily cleaned product for your peace of mind. Brumby webbing comes in 4 widths, 1”(25mm), ½”(12mm), ¾”(19mm) and 5/8”(16mm). Available in color Black, Navy, Tan and White.   ≫ read more

White PVC Strapping in 30ft 75ft 100ft Rolls

Chris Jury / 15 Apr 2018

Leatherite white PVC Strapping is available in Apollo, PN and Brumby series.  ≫ read more

Buy Black Rolled PVC Strapping

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Buy Leatherite rolled PVC Strapping. Leatherite rolled PVC Strapping available across 3 product ranges, Apollo, Brumby and PN Series.  ≫ read more