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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

Leatherite coated webbing strong yet flexible

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

High quality synthetic leather strapping/coated webbing manufactured by Leatherite has been around Australia for over 40 years. With increased demanded from oversea customers we now have Nickers Saddlery Ltd as our first North American distributor. Operating out of the stunningly beautiful Penticton in British Columbia, Canada, Nickers Saddlery have been trading for 25 years. Leatherite coated webbing samples are available from Nickers Saddlery, alternatively you can also order Leatherite coated webbing catalogue from our online store.  ≫ read more

Apollo Coated Webbing Fluro Color Range

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

Leatherite Apollo Coated Webbing Fluro color range available in Green, Lime, Pink and Orange.  ≫ read more

9m Rolls of Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

Leatherite 9m rolls coated webbing made from the highest quality materials resulting in a high tensile, Phthalate free, non-toxic, easily cleaned product for your peace of mind.  23m rolls of coated webbing are available in PN & Brumby range. You can order them at Leatherite online store.  ≫ read more

The incredibly soft Brumby Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

Leatherite new Brumby series of coated webbing has a soft feel with leather-like texture, yet is still strong and flexible - even in very low temperatures. The new outer co-polymer blend is UV stabilised, non-toxic and phthalate free.  ≫ read more

Leatherite coated webbing - tested to outperform other brands

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

At Leatherite we have the ability to test our coated webbing for strength and durability on our Lloyds Instruments EZ50 testing unit. This way we can be sure that our products stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are looking for strapping for the equine industry or making a dog collar, insist on best.  ≫ read more

Shop online for 9m, 23m and 30m rolls of coated webbing

Chris Jury / 10 Aug 2018

Leatherite coated webbing has a wide range applications. Our high-performance coated webbing are most popular with equine industry for items such as: horse bridles and reins, stirrup straps, halters, girth straps, horse rugs, inside hopple tube, stitched into browband backing. Now, our coated webbing also being used in dog collars and leads, foot straps for ski boards, safety harnesses, and even used in fashion belts.  ≫ read more

New Leatherite US distributor Beta Tack Get Your Color On

Chris Jury / 10 Aug 2018

Leatherite have a shipment heading to our new US distributor, 'Beta Tack Get Your Color On'. We are providing color samples for them to send to customers, so if you have seen the quality of our coated webbing and want to see the colors in person, contact Jessi through the website at http://www.betatackgetyourcoloron.net/ and reserve yours today!  ≫ read more

Mix and Match Coated Webbing and Accessories

Chris Jury / 10 Aug 2018

Traditional Bridles are made with real leather, while it still is top quality choice for riders; the ongoing maintenance requirement is demanding compare to Synthetic Leather Strapping. Problems can arise if you need to add more adjustment, also if sweat is allowed to build up, this can rube the horse or pony.  ≫ read more

Strapping Supplies 30ft, 75ft and 100ft Rolls of Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 10 Aug 2018

Leathrite manufactures and supplies a wide color range of coated webbing to saddlery and horse tack makers. Our online store has 30ft, 75ft and 100ft Rolls of Coated Webbing available in various sizes. Matching color accessories also available.  ≫ read more

Stirrup Straps made with Apollo Webbing

Chris Jury / 23 Jul 2018

Leatherite webbing are manufactured from high quality materials that meet US EPA regulations and are specifically designed for the extreme conditions experienced in the North American region. The materials used allow for maximum flexibility and natural feel at cold temperatures. Quality hardware is also used to enhance the functionality of the products.   ≫ read more