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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

Strapping Supplies 30ft, 75ft and 100ft Rolls of Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 10 Aug 2018

Leathrite manufactures and supplies a wide color range of coated webbing to saddlery and horse tack makers. Our online store has 30ft, 75ft and 100ft Rolls of Coated Webbing available in various sizes. Matching color accessories also available.  ≫ read more

Leatherite Waterproof Webbing - Bridles for Horses

Chris Jury / 23 Jul 2018

Leatherite Webbing has flexible outer coating protects the webbing within and is durable, easily cleaned and waterproof. Our webbing products are well liked by Austrlian Saddlery. Here are beautiful horse bridles made by our loyal customers.  ≫ read more

Bridles made with Apollo Waterproof Webbing for horses

Chris Jury / 15 Jun 2018

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing high quality Coated Webbing. We export to several regions around the world and now offer our webbing products to North American market. Apollo waterproof webbing is a popular choice for making Brindles for Horses.  ≫ read more

Bridles for horse made with PVC strapping

Chris Jury / 15 May 2018

Traditional material for horse harnesses are made from leather, though bridles made from PVC strapping is increasingly become popular. Leatherite PVC strapping is durable, low maintenance, low odour and easy to clean with a wide variety of traditional colors as well as new colors like the shimmer color range that can made horse bridles look fashionable. These new fun colors are very welcome by the young people.  ≫ read more

Choose Leather or Synthetic Bridles for Horses?

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Horse bridles consist of the headpiece, cheek pieces, throat lash, browband, noseband and reins. Bridle is the most important part that provides communication and control between horse and rider.   ≫ read more

Glitter coated webbing

Chris Jury / 12 Mar 2018

We have been playing with a glitter product, and one of our customers have been playing with the results. Mac Tack has produced this wonderful headstall with a red glitter highlight. We are keen to know if this product is of interest to you!  ≫ read more

Easy to Maintain Synthetic Leather Horse Bridles and Reins

Chris Jury / 10 Feb 2018

Traditional material used for bridles and reins are made with leather. New easy to clean and to maintains material synthetic leather material compare to leather is more flexible, durable, and easy to clean.  ≫ read more

Stirrup Straps using Leatherite Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Jan 2018

PVC stirrup straps also don’t stretch like conventional leather. Stirrup Straps make with Leatherite synthetic leather strapping is durable and waterproof. Simply wipe clean with a wet cloth - no oiling or saddle soaping required  ≫ read more

Bridles and Reins Made with Colorful Plastic Coated Polyester Webbing

Chris Jury / 12 Jan 2018

Leatherite Plastic Coated Polyester Webbing available in 28 colors. While standard blacks and browns might be perfect in some settings, you can add a little more color to your ride with Leatherite Fluro webbing color range and Shimmer webbing range. All our webbing products come with matching keepers.  ≫ read more

Shimmering Coated Webbing made with Leatherite New Shimmer Series Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Dec 2017

An exciting and creative new products for the market. Another high quality webbing that Leatherite are renown for. The Shimmer Series Webbing is developed for the younger pleasure or pony club riders. Well, the young at heart who like to add a truly individual look to their tack would love the new shining star - the first of our boutique products  ≫ read more