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Stirrup Straps made with Brumby Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Jul 2018

Stirrup Straps gives greater stability to a rider and is one of the most significant tool to keep horse rider safe from falling. Stirrup Straps made with synthetic leather strapping last longer and also resist stretching. Leatherite synthetic leather strapping has a significant 25% advantage when it comes to tensile strength over other budget end webbing and comes in a variety of color and sizes.

Need quality webbing for equestrian stirrup straps? Brumby synthetic leather strapping offers a soft and luxurious feel in the hand whilst retaining the strength and high wear characteristics of our Apollo and PN range. It's excellent choice for making stirrup straps. US equestrian suppliers, saddlery can order Brumby range of synthetic leather strapping from our online store.


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