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Leatherite coated webbing - tested to outperform other brands

Chris Jury / 15 Aug 2018

At Leatherite we have the ability to test our coated webbing for strength and durability on our Lloyds Instruments EZ50 testing unit. This way we can be sure that our products stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are looking for strapping for the equine industry or making a dog collar, insist on best.

The core strength of Leatherite coated webbing are demonstrate through the following area:

Tear resistance and Tensile strength

When a rider’s bridle failed through de-lamination after only two hours of riding, the stress and disappointment unavoidably caused the rider to stop until a replacement is available. Leatherite's coated webbing take careful observation of how much force is required to strip the outer polymer from the internal webbing. We ensure our webbing product's bond strength is consistent to prevent de-lamination between inner polyester webbing and outer polymer. Tear resistance of Leatherite coated webbing is one of our core strength.

Eye cycle tearing resistance

While there is a short term financial gain by purchasing cheap webbing product. The risk of premature failure of that low end product are certainly higher compare to Leatherite coated webbing. Our webbing product are design to withstand stress and tension add to the eye cycle when buckle was used. The low end product usually tore in less than 100 cycles of load test and Leatherite coated webbing product only show signs of tore after 500 cycles. This is our core strength number two.


leatherite coated webbing flexible

Leatherite is committed to continue develop new innovative webbing products to meet our customer’s needs. We are making a webbing product which is truly world class and represents very good value for money.


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