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How is Leatherite Webbing compare to other brands in the market?

Chris Jury / 15 Dec 2017

Leatherite have been manufacturing synthetic leather strapping for over 40 years and continue to develop new innovative webbing and strapping products to meet our customer’s needs. We regularly compare our product to others, both at the budget end of the market and also to those claiming to be world leaders in the market. Here we have a good look at the high end of the market.

Tear, Tensile and Eye Cycle test are key product comparison test to identify the strength and weakness of webbing product. The images shown here for each test concludes Australian made Leatherite webbing and strapping is truly world class and good value for money.

See details of the documented comparison test

Tear Test Comparison

Leatherite PN webbing tear comparison test result

Tensile Test Comparison

tensile test result  Leatherite tensile test result

Eye Cycle Test Comparison

leatherite eye tear test result Leatherite eye tear test result


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