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Equestrian Supplies - New Dimpled Brumby Webbing

Chris Jury / 08 Jan 2018

We are very excited to introduce our Dimpled Brumby strapping. We have had so many requests for a new dimpled product suitable for pleasure and endurance reins and we have waited until we are happy that we are adding something new and exciting to the range. The dimples are purposefully low and dense, to ensure that fingers are able to sink to the bottom of the dimple form. This drastically increases the surface area that is being held when compared to flat strapping or to higher dimples, which can in fact decrease the surface area being held. Made from the new Brumby series polymer, the product is suitably soft and flexible in the hand, yet extremely durable in the field.

Color availability will always be the same as the Brumby series, currently white, black, tan, navy, red and sky blue.

If you would like more details or a quote, please email us at sales@leateriteusa.com or send message via our Contact page. We will be happy to provide you with a price to your door!

Dimpled brumby webbingDimpled brumby webbing

Dimpled brumby webbing thickness


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