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Choose Leather or Synthetic Bridles for Horses?

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Horse bridles consist of the headpiece, cheek pieces, throat lash, browband, noseband and reins. Bridle is the most important part that provides communication and control between horse and rider.

Choosing a bridle for your horse can be a big decision. Current market offers two types of bridle, whether to buy leather or synthetic are personal preferences. Let’s have a look at the benefits of each material.

Bridles made with Genuine Leather

The main benefit of leather bridle is its long lasting life spends and its natural appeal. The disadvantage of leather is cleaning and ongoing care. Regular maintenance is required for leather. Neglect of care will cause a deterioration of leather and stitching which can lead to breakage under strain and a constant risk to the safety of the rider.

If price is not a concern for you and you are willing look after it for a very long time then good quality leather bridle is always a good investment for any horse owner.

Bridles made with Synthetic Leather

Synthetic bridles are lightweight and are useful for young horses because lightweight horse tack make them more comfortable and easier to use. If you are opt for easy maintenance then synthetic bridle is a great alternative. The main downside of synthetic material is wear and tear much sooner compares to leather. But with the improvement of manufacturing process over time, synthetic material has become more popular now a day with wide range of color choices.

Overall, the decision to buy leather or synthetic bridle for your horse depends entirely upon how you intend to use your new bridle. Whether to buy leather or synthetic, opt for the best quality items in either material.


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