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Brighten Up your Bridles and Reins with Leatherite Shimmer Coated Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Mar 2018

Leatherite has long been the leader in manufactured synthetic leather strapping used primarily in the equestrian industry as a substitute for leather.

Over the years, we continue our research and development of new and innovative products. The Shimmer color range of coated webbing is a direct result of this creative culture. The Shimmering effect attracts lot of attention from young riders. We currently offer 8 colors in the Shimmer series of Coated Webbing. They are:

Ocean Shimmer SH1
Ocean (SH1)
Sunset Shimmer SH2
Sunset (SH2)
Lavender Shimmer SH3
Lavender (SH3)
Arctic Ice Shimmer SH4
Arctic Ice (SH4)
Smokey Blue Shimmer SH5
Smokey Blue (SH5)
Copper Shimmer SH6
Copper (SH6)
Slate Shimmer SH7
Slate (SH7)
Berry Shimmmer SH8
Berry (SH8)

Contact our new US distributor ‘Beta Tack Get Your color On’ and ask for color sample packs.


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