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Looking for quality coated webbing? This blog provide product information and updates on Leatherite coated webbing for strapping supplies and equestrian supplies.

Leatherite Product Catalogue Available Online

Chris Jury / 12 Jan 2018

Leatherite webbing product catalogue is now available online. View extensive range of webbing colors and products on offer.  ≫ read more

Free Freight to Continental US for PVC Strapping / Webbing orders over $200

Chris Jury / 12 Jan 2018

Leatherite offer a wide color range and style of PVC strapping / webbings in rolls of 30ft, 75ft and 100ft. Free freight to continental US for orders over $200.00 ($20.00 for orders less than $200.00)  ≫ read more

New Thicker PN Series Coated Webbing in Shimmering Colors

Chris Jury / 09 Jan 2018

Introducing Leatherite first run of our new Shimmer range in our thicker PN series. A great looking product, and with 8 colors in the shimmer range. This product will look stunning in so many applications! Complete with matching keepers. Delivered to any US continental state.  ≫ read more

Equestrian Supplies - New Dimpled Brumby Webbing

Chris Jury / 08 Jan 2018

We are very excited to introduce our Dimpled Brumby strapping. We have had so many requests for a new dimpled product suitable for pleasure and endurance reins and we have waited until we are happy that we are adding something new and exciting to the range. The dimples are purposefully low and dense, to ensure that fingers are able to sink to the bottom of the dimple form. This drastically increases the surface area that is being held when compared to flat strapping or to higher dimples, which can in fact decrease the surface area being held. Made from the new Brumby series polymer, the product is suitably soft and flexible in the hand, yet extremely durable in the field.  ≫ read more

Buy Coated Webbing or Strapping from Leatherite Online Store

Chris Jury / 20 Dec 2017

Looking for webbing that can stand against extreme conditions experienced in the North American region? Leatherite Coated Webbing made of materials that allow for maximum flexibility and natural feel at cold temperatures. Leatherite Coated Webbing sold by the roll. Visit Leatherite USA online store  ≫ read more

Shimmering Coated Webbing made with Leatherite New Shimmer Series Webbing

Chris Jury / 15 Dec 2017

An exciting and creative new products for the market. Another high quality webbing that Leatherite are renown for. The Shimmer Series Webbing is developed for the younger pleasure or pony club riders. Well, the young at heart who like to add a truly individual look to their tack would love the new shining star - the first of our boutique products  ≫ read more

How is Leatherite Webbing compare to other brands in the market?

Chris Jury / 15 Dec 2017

Leatherite have been manufacturing synthetic leather strapping for over 40 years and continue to develop new innovative webbing and strapping products to meet our customer’s needs. We regularly compare our product to others, both at the budget end of the market and also to those claiming to be world leaders in the market. Here we have a good look at the high end of the market.  ≫ read more

High Quality Polyester Webbing manufactured by Leatherite

Chris Jury / 15 Dec 2017

Polyester webbing is ideal for applications that require lightweight strength and durability. Polyester webbing is semi-water resistant great for outdoor use and won't stretch as much as nylon. Being a world-class leader in manufacturing of coated webbing mainly for equine industry, Leatherite now supplies webbing and strapping to a variety of industries.   ≫ read more

New 1" heavy duty webbing.

Chris Jury / 07 Dec 2017

We have rolled out our new heavyweight 1" webbing across the entire 1" PN and 1" Brumby Heavy range. This new design webbing increases the breaking strain to over 1,000 kg or 2,200 lbs which is well in excess of anything that we have tested. And the best news is that this peace of mind is available at no extra cost!  ≫ read more

What makes good quality Bridles for horses?

Chris Jury / 29 Nov 2017

A quality bridle should have the same characteristics:

1. How is the sizing? Will you have to have individual parts shortened or replaced?
2. Look at the stitching. It should be small and uniform (at least 22 stitches per inch).
3. Check the buckles and holes. The buckles should be sewn in tight. The buckle holes should also be small and uniform.
4. Check padding.
5. Check the keepers. Are they the right size for the strap? Will they do their job of keeping everything tidy or will they slide down all the time?   ≫ read more