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Introducing our new 'Brumby' Series of strapping

brumby synthetic leather strapping

Leatherite is very excited to announce the release of the new Brumby series of strapping. Born out of the continuous evolution of the Zeus product, the Brumby series is so vastly different to anything we have ever made that it just had to have its own name! Incorporating our new flat weave and our latest adhesive mix, the Brumby series is underpinned by the highest quality internals that Leatherite has every produced. What makes this product so unique is the entirely new outer co-polymer blend. It is incredibly flexible, even in the coldest of conditions. Our field trials have shown the strapping to be most robust in all conditions and potentially more hardy than the harder co-polymer blends that we use in our Apollo and PN product lines. And yet Brumby strapping has a wonderful softness in the hand making it very appealing in many applications

brumby synthetic leather strapping
As our customer base becomes wiser to the many advantages of synthetics over leather, we are able to move toward even better products that will deliver far superior performance than leather. Brumby is the result of this very exciting shift.

Currently the new Brumby series is available in black, white, navy and tan. 


Brumby Series
Brumby Light Series
Available Sizes Available Lengths Available Sizes Available Lengths
13mm x 3.6mm 25mtr roll 13mm x 2.6mm 50mtr roll
16mm x 3.6mm 25mtr roll 16mm x 2.6mm 50mtr roll
19mm x 3.8mm 25mtr roll 19mm x 2.6mm 50mtr roll
25mm x 4.0mm 25mtr roll 25mm x 2.6mm 50mtr roll
32mm x 4.5mm 25mtr roll 32mm x 2.6mm 50mtr roll
50mm x 5.0mm 25mtr roll